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MD Preferred is a constantly evolving resource center for the healthcare industry. Each year we identify community specialists who are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of healthcare professionals.  MD Preferred partners with  “doctor friendly” business professionals who offer real estate and mortgage services, insurance and accounting services, as well as legal and financial services.  Each business profile helps the physician gather the information they need to make an informed decision when selecting a Realtor or an attorney or any other business professional to represent them.  MD Preferred profiles offer complete contact information including direct phone number and personal email address.  MD Preferred is all about helping doctors quickly locate, review and reach out to a business professional in their home town that has a proven track record helping physicians meet their personal and professional goals.  

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MD Preferred is proud to be partnered with the
National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters (NCHCR).


By banding together, NCHCR members represent a significant recruiting presence in the industry. As a group, they share common strengths and long term relationships with both their clients and physicians. NCHCR promotes the fact that the Independent Physician Recruiter plays a critical role in the Physician market, both permanent & locum. This is daily evidenced through participation on their nationally advertised job board, split rich networking environment, locum placement service, co-op programs, and adherence to a high ethical business standards and recruiting protocols.

Experienced physicians elect to seek out new opportunities at predictable points in their careers. They are busy in their practices and need someone who will confidentially find opportunities, discuss them with the physician, and submit their CV on a facility-by-facility basis. Frustrated resident and fellowship candidates often align with the NCHCR once they realize the recruiters now how to find the opportunity they are looking for. Both groups of physicians place themselves in a position one person removed from the In-house recruiter. That person is the Independent Recruiter.