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7 Insiders Tactics- How Doctors can Pay Less & Still Get Their Real Estate Offer Accepted

Friday, November 10, 2017

By Josh Mettle - Fairway Physician Mortgage Loans

It’s no secret, getting your real estate offer accepted in today’s hyper competitive real estate market is no simple task – especially in the highly sought after neighborhoods most physicians are competing in. Inventory is low in most areas of the country and the competition for the best homes is fierce.

Most buyers you will be competing against (and their Realtors) only know one way to compete, which of course is with price. But like any game, there are rookie tactics and there are insider expert tactics for getting the job done.

Before I share the 7 insider tactics with you, allow me set the stage as to where we are today with the national real estate market and what you need to know to be competitive.

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