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Fee-Only Fiduciary / Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management for Healthcare Professionals

Medical Economics® Magazine has named Robert Bartley to its Best Financial Advisers for Doctors list.

Do you ever worry about money?

Many of us do this even when we have enough. Why is this? Because we may not be on the right path.

Many of us look for the financial solutions from outside sources like the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger Magazine, NY Times, SuzeOrman, etc. when actually the solutions are known. We often times look in the wrong direction, like the lyrics of a popular 1980 song “looking for love in all the wrong places.’” 

We have decades of experience, understand the markets and investments, how to protect assets and make money. We know retirement/financial independence planning, estate and gift planning, tax planning, risk/insurance planning but that is only part of it. 

Your plan has to be based on your vision, what is most important to you in life. We help you pause, take a breath and think about what is most important so you will be in alignment, on the right path. You can waste years, or a lifetime, if you don’t stop and think about what is most important to you and verify you are aligned, on the right path.

Similar to your car needing alignment due to pot holes – living life can be fraught with potholes (day to day/busy/distractions) it is good to check the alignment regularly.

Through the planning and research we have performed for our healthcare professional clients over the years, we have developed expertise in assisting them with their finances, both personal and business. We, like physicians, chose our career to help others. This common bond has made the relationships with our healthcare professional clients very rewarding. If you like what you do and who you work with, it isn’t work. Thankfully that has been our experience. We have been fortunate to work with very talented and dedicated healthcare professionals that inspire us. We feel if we do our job properly, it allows our clients to do their jobs, focusing on their patients and businesses.

We are improving our craft every day through continuing education. We stay informed about the issues that can keep healthcare professionals up at night, such as; "With the changes in the business of medicine and reimbursements will I have enough to retire?", "How do I keep my assets protected from frivolous law suits?", "How can I effectively reduce my tax burden?"etc.

Through our team of Best-in-Class Subject Matter Experts-some of the services we provide to healthcare professionals and their practices are:

For Individuals

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

1.    College Planning
2.    Estate and Gift Planning
3.    Investment Planning
4.    Retirement Planning - Accumulation and Distribution
5.    Risk Management (Insurance Planning, etc.)
6.    Tax Planning

Investment Management

For Medical Practices

1.    Business Succession Planning
2.    Business Retirement Plan Design and Implementation (Including cost analysis)
3.    Comprehensive Business Tax Planning
4.    Retirement Plan Workshops for Staff
5.    Key Person Compensation and Benefits Planning
6.    Key Person Personal Financial Planning Services
7.    Retirement Plan Investment Advisory Services

We work/network with various professionals that support the medical community. Through this network of professionals we can assist with more than just financial issues. 

Give me a call. We can discuss if we are a fit. If we are not a fit I can probably point you in the right direction. If we are a fit then I believe you will be overwhelmed by our services and expertise.