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Rudy Garcia

Chief Retirement Wealth Advisor
Chartered Retirement Plans SpecialistSM, Professional Plan Consultant

Rudy has a diverse background of over 30 years of coaching and financial consultation experience that he relies on to work with clients on their personal and business retirement plans.  

Rudy grew up in south Florida and spent 18 years living in Key West before joining the US Army and spending the next 22 years serving the country in various assignments in multiple locations across the US, Europe and North Africa.  It was while he was in the Army that Rudy fell in love with learning and education and developed a passion for serving others.

He has over 25 years of adult education experience, having served as a trainer educator in the U.S. Army and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  He brings over 26 years of Managerial experience in both the military and federal government, culminating his military career as the Deputy Commandant for the US Army’s Quartermaster School’s NCO Academy where he oversaw curriculum development and delivery of over 23 courses to over 3000 students annually.  Rudy also has experience as a High School French and Spanish Teacher at Fork Union Military Academy.   Because of his experience with the Army, FEMA and his own Master’s Program, Rudy is quite familiar and comfortable with distance learning as a delivery medium for training and education classes.

Because of his many years of experience in adult education it was a natural outgrowth for him to adapt those skills to serving the business community; as a result he has been conducting live educational seminars for business owners for the past several years.   These skills serve well in the employer sponsored retirement plan arena as he brings his experience to bear on the employee educational plans that are so essential to each plan participant achieving their goals.

Rudy’s desire to serve others also manifests itself in his community involvement.  He has been involved in service organizations since 1980 when he was the Lion Tamer for the Ft Bliss Lions Club in El Paso, Texas.  While stationed in Tunisia in the mid 1990’s he was the treasurer for the US Government Employees Recreation Association and the President of the Tunis American Softball Association.  He continued his community service throughout his military career and is still serving his community today as a Board Member for both the Goochland Chamber of Commerce and the Retail Merchants Association in Richmond, as well as a member of the Fluvanna Rotary Club.

Rudy is married to Catherine, who is currently teaching Freshman English at Fork Union Military Academy, and more significantly, is a Retired Command Sergeant Major with 24 years of service in the Criminal Investigation Command of the US Army.  Rudy has two children, Edward and Georgia and three grandchildren, Noah, Gabriel and Hannah. Rudy and Catherine attend church at Fluvanna Calvary Chapel where they are members of the intercessory prayer team.