Horizon Bank - Barbara Reamer

Web Site: www.horizonbank.com/breamer
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact: Barbara Reamer
Phone:  517-816-4124

Email:  [email protected]

Proudly serving the Chicago metro area and its collar counties including: Cook, Dupage, Lake, Will and Kankakee.

Safe, Sound and Still Growing

Horizon Bank continues to succeed and prosper due to financial strength, consistent performance, and stable growth. Sound management and growth strategies have continued to produce superior returns and to strengthen the health of the bank for all Horizon customers.


We display pride in the Horizon Team by holding these values in the highest esteem.

  1.     We affirm the customer as our highest focus by providing exceptional service and sensible advice to build life-long relationships.
  2.     We act responsibly employing high ethical standards.
  3.     We accomplish our goals.
  4.     We embrace individual, cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity.
  5.     We cooperate as a Team in serving our customers and associates.
  6.     We demonstrate kindness, understanding, and respect.
  7.     We understand the value of profit.
  8.     We support progressive learning.
  9.     We encourage creative thinking.
  10.     We strive for balance in our lives and pleasure in our work.
  11.     We contribute to the betterment of the community.
  12.     We commit to the preservation of independent banking.