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For Med School Graduates, the Entrance Strategy More Important Than the Exit Strategy

Monday, January 29, 2018

Two years ago I fielded a call from a surgeon I knew of but had not met.  Raised locally, she had left the state for undergraduate school, returning to Texas for med school and North Texas for her fellowship.  Heavily recruited, she wanted to stay close to home and her family, and accepted a position with a group of surgeons practicing at one of the area’s stellar hospitals.

But she wasn’t happy, two years into a three year employment agreement.  In fact, she was angry, frustrated, worried, and greatly concerned about her future.  

What had started out as a warm and fuzzy relationship with her group had gone decidedly in the wrong direction.  

The genesis of her story is almost a cliché in the physician recruitment environment.  In the last year of her fellowship, she suddenly started receiving inquiries from established practices or hospital employed groups, pitching a great future, good salary, moving expenses, and even a signing bonus.   Two visits to her soon-to-be employer focused on where to live, meetings with all of the group members, a hospital administrator or two (representing her surgical sites), and a real estate agent to look at homes.  Everybody seemed nice and she liked what she was shown.  Money was discussed, and a contract arrived shortly after the second visit.  She asked for a recommendation on a lawyer to handle the latter.