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6 Steps To a Flawless Home Purchase

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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Has your mortgage loan been declined by another lender? Josh Mettle explains the steps to take to ensure a flawless home purchase.

1. Choose a Mortgage Professional Who Can Educate and Truly Guide You If you just do one thing, ensure you start off on in the right direction by locating a mortgage professional who has experience with medical professionals and has done a good job with them in the past.

If you spend extra time and energy to find the right person and then allow that professional to guide you through the process, you’re much more likely to get to closing without a hitch. Medical Professionals often run into trouble when they think that there is no reason that they shouldn’t get financing.

For instance, the resident who was able to get a home loan back in 2006, before the mortgage meltdown, and who is now making significantly more money may think that getting a home loan today should be easy and one that any bank would finance. However, the physician may not be taking into consideration all of the factors, such as being a 1099 independent contractor, or closing on the new home prior to starting the new position. Both of these factors would throw a huge wrench into things for a conventional mortgage lender.

The reality is that a lot has changed and under the lens of the post mortgage-meltdown underwriting guidelines, getting a loan is not as easy as it used to be. If there’s a deficiency or complexity in your situation, you need an expert to guide you through the loan process and all possible solutions. Nobody is better able to do this than someone who specializes in physician home loans. That person has seen all the same challenges before and has an arsenal of outside-the-box solutions.

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