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Genworth Financial's New Live+Well Program Aims to Promote Healthy Aging

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congrats to our friends over at Genworth Financial!

Genworth Financial (NYSE: GNW) today announces it is collaborating with Mayo Clinic, one of the most trusted brands in healthcare, to offer Live+Well, a health education program that brings premier wellness-related content to consumers of long term care insurance. Live+Well ( will provide an online resource dedicated to helping Baby Boomers improve their overall well-being. The collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Genworth will help long term care insurance consumers manage and monitor their health risks, using Mayo Clinic’s expertise as a guide. This marks the first time a leading long term care insurance provider has collaborated with a healthcare organization to encourage healthy living.

“Wellness education is the next frontier in promoting disease-free and disability-free living,” said Buck Stinson, President of U.S. Insurance Products for Genworth Financial. “Baby Boomers entering retirement increasingly seek to learn more about how the actions they take today can influence their future health,” he added. Today, the co-branded Live+Well program will provide consumers with online access to articles provided by Mayo Clinic’s wellness experts. The content aims to educate Boomers seeking credible information about healthy living options, and will include articles covering topics such as men’s and women’s health, common health concerns of caregivers, and tips for living healthier lifestyles.

Since 1974, Genworth has been educating families and financial professionals about the importance of planning for long term care. As part of Genworth’s commitment to the industry, its vision is to make healthy aging a possibility for consumers of long term care insurance. Live+Well demonstrates Genworth and Mayo Clinic’s shared commitment to raising awareness about how healthy lifestyle choices can be a bridge to better health in retirement. It also reflects a shared desire to empower consumers with the resources needed to make informed decisions about how they can improve their own well-being.

Through this new alliance, Genworth will be developing innovative concepts in the area of wellness to help Baby Boomers live longer, healthier lives. It will also help Genworth learn more about morbidity trends associated with an aging population.

Genworth and Mayo Clinic recognize that good health is important to achieving a satisfying, long life. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Age Wave/Harris Interactive found that on average, people want to live to the age of 92 – far beyond traditional life expectancies. The survey also found that maintaining good health is twice as important as any other factor when people reflect on how long they want to live.

“It’s a priority for Mayo Clinic to reach people everywhere with reliable health information,” says Brent Bauer, M.D., Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions. “We are pleased that Genworth’s Live+Well program will make Mayo Clinic’s resources available to Baby Boomers seeking to prevent disease and foster healthier lives.”

The success of Genworth’s own employee wellness program prompted the company to provide consumers of long term care insurance with resources dedicated to helping them make healthy lifestyle choices. They will now have greater access to information that addresses wellness management after they leave the workforce, a time when people need more help in proactively maintaining health and independence.

“We researched many world-class healthcare providers before deciding to work with Mayo Clinic,” said Stinson. “Mayo Clinic’s culture of innovation and dedication to helping people achieve healthier lifestyles dovetails perfectly with Genworth’s goal of helping consumers live the life they expect in retirement,” he added.


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