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Non Clinical Revenue Stream For Doctors

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements continue to drop. HMO penetration in many areas is increasing. Malpractice premiums are rising at an alarming rate. And, healthcare reform will soon overwhelm private practice groups across the country with 31 million new patients. In response, many physicians are turning to the Physician Wellness Group and their unique office based nutrition business model that enables a practice to provide additional health care options to their patients. The Physician Wellness business model offers full-time business support, income not tied to insurance reimbursements, separate tax benefits; all with no additional overhead.

Physician Wellness was recently recognized for its creative business model, proven track record and high business standards, winning the MD Preferred Service Award for Excellence in Service to the Medical Community. To be considered for an MD Preferred Service Award, an organization must demonstrate their commitment to making the lives of physicians better. They must be good community citizens with the resources, staff, services and products to meet the very special needs of the medical community. “Doctors are very busy professionals,” observed Michael O’Malley, CEO of MD Preferred Services. “When it comes to finding service providers and creative business partners, they appreciate an organization that has done much of the research for them.”

All Physician Wellness nutritional products are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference and are produced in FDA regulated manufacturing facilities. At a time when revenues are dropping and costs are on the rise, over 2,000 physicians offices have turned to the Physicians Wellness Program to supplement their practice cash flow and avoid increased patient loads and service cutbacks.

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