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Death Insurance doesn't always work in your favor

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

By HMS and Associates-Insurance & Financial Consultants

Attention Medical Professionals:

We need your help. We have our second part of this case study that we would like each of you to read and then answer the questions for yourself, honestly.

We have two medical professionals like you - on one hand the story turned out great, if you remember or read the last story about Dr. Jon, a Cardiologist from Massachusetts. On the other hand, we have this story turned, which turned out not so great.

We have Dr. Mike. Now, Dr. Mike was a successful Doctor who had his own practice, beautiful wife, family and home and $1,000,000 worth of life insurance WITH NO LIVING BENEFITS, which is traditional DEATH INSURANCE.

At Age 44, Dr. Mike had a massive heart attack that required triple bypass surgery.
Fortunately, he survived, and is still alive today, but the problem was he was unable to work and provide for his family. In that time period, Dr. Mike lost his home and almost lost his practice.

But, today he still owns that $1,000,000 DEATH INSURANCE POLICY. Unfortunately for Dr. Mike or his family he didn’t die, obviously that is a good thing, but in relation to Death Insurance paying out not such a good thing, right?

Because nobody got paid, the reality of it is, can you afford to live if something happened to you? In other words, if you get sick and can’t go to work who is going to pay your bills? You could be sick and out of work for 3-6 months and the doctors are being paid but you’re not getting any money from it.

Who is going to pay your mortgage? What about your car payment, health insurance, food? I don’t know about your family, but in mine, my kids always want to eat 3 times a day at minimum regardless if money is coming in or not.

So, the point we’re trying to make is:

How long could you or your family survive financially if you were sick and couldn’t work? Important question to ask, wouldn’t you agree?

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