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Helping Physicians with Real Estate

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Palm Beach

Atlee Mahorn, MBA, OLY, Realtor to Physicians
eXp Realty
Palm Beach County, Florida

You hear it all the time, “doctors need help too”.  Let’s face it, we all look to our doctors for help. Having a wife who is a nurse makes life easy for me and the kids. At the first sound of a cough, it’s call mom at the hospital and tell her you’re sick no matter if she’s working helping other patients.

It was at last very gratifying to help my wife, who is also a real estate agent, help doctors to find a new home for them and their in-laws and also rent out their existing condo. A twofer as they say. Not every day do you get to work with one physician but in this case we had the pleasure of working with two.

The transaction, as always with real estate had its challenges. For starters and this is where we made the biggest difference - As new physicians, the mountain of student debts was a big factor. Having worked as a lender in the past, I was familiar with physicians loan programs. We referred our clients to a well-known national lender that provided the right solution for their needs. It always helps to have great clients in order to close residential, investment and commercial real estate transactions.

For the actual real estate transaction, we had to make sure to find the ideal home for the parents of one of the physicians. Probably equally as important was to find a community that allowed pets, not just one or two but up to five cats and counting. The other part of the transaction, involved renting out their existing condo and coordinating the closing at the same time. All went off with any major glitches.

As a Realtor, the best part for me is seeing my clients and their families happy with their new home. We made sure to connect our clients with established financial advisors as their needs will change. We are already being asked to look for another home to accommodate the other set of in-laws.



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