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How to Solve the Annoyingly Low Real Estate Inventory Problem & Build the Home of Your Dreams

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

By Josh Mettle, Fairway Physician Mortgage

If you’re like many clients I speak with, your family may be ready for a home that better fits your needs. It’s possible your family size has changed, your lifestyle and recreational interests have evolved, or your just plain old sick and tired of wasting hours of your life commuting.

Unfortunately, the annoyingly low real estate inventory problem is making it hard for millions of Americans and thousands of Utahns to find the home of their dreams; one that will fit their family’s needs and afford them a better lifestyle.

Here are a few of the statements I hear from clients regularly:

I would love to sell my home, but I can’t find anything new to buy!

Everything we look at is overpriced and we’re not going to play the bidding war game!

We would love to build new, but there is virtually no raw land where we want to live!

If you feel similar to many of the clients I speak with on a day to day basis, I suggest you continue reading, because we might have the perfect solution for you and your family.

The problem with the real estate market is not that there are not enough homes, the problem is that there are not enough homes that fit your family’s needs.

By the end of this article you’ll better understand the root of the real estate inventory problem, feel empowered to make an educated decision, and realize you can solve for this problem with an Existing-Home Construction Loan.

What is causing the housing inventory problem?

Since the Great Recession, the U.S. has been consistently creating jobs, over the last twelve months 2.28 million net new jobs have been created (a 1.56% increase over the previous 12 months).

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