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Role of Nurse Practitioners on the Rise

Monday, April 03, 2017

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With the growing need of health care providers, the demand for nurse practitioners is dramatically increasing.  According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners website, there has been an increase of over 140,000 NP’s becoming licensed since 2001.  Even at this substantial number, a continual annual increase will bring that total to 222,000 by 2025!

Opportunities are definitely on the rise for any individual seeking to join the medical field.  Numbers don’t lie and NP PA Recruiters can help make sure those odds are in your favor by helping you find the perfect opportunity to get you started on your career.


There are a variety of factors involved in the sudden demand for NP’s; starting with an increase in the overall population.  The United State Census Bureau projects a 15 million population increase by 2020, which means an increase of health care need.  Undoubtedly, the higher the population, the higher the likelihood of the spread of illnesses.  This in turn leads to a social requirement of more health care need and professionals.  As the sheer amount of patients increases, the necessity of having qualified personnel to deal with this multitude of sufferers also rises.  In fact a recent study claims that by the year 2019, demand for primary care will increase by 15 – 25 million visits per year, which would require 4,000 to 7,000 more physicians in order to adequately meet this demand.   Enter the NP’s.  Without the quality professional assistance of NP’s, physicians are beginning to bear the brunt of this challenge.  Considering that patient wellness and satisfaction are at the top of the health-service expectancies, NP’s are able to play a huge roll in this.  By assisting in the delivery of providing meaningful health service needs, NP’s are able to decrease the overbearing obligations of physicians, while simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction.

Aging Baby Boomers

Another reason NP’s are becoming more prominent figures in the health industry is a direct result of the Baby Boomers generation. Baby Boomers have begun to reach their golden years, while simultaneously, life expectancies have begun to reach the highest historical levels.  Numerous reports claim that 40 million people in the US are 65 or older, and that this number will double to 89 million by 2050.  Though many wish they could age without ailments, the reality is that, the body begins to deteriorate nor work at its pinnacle.  As people age, more and more doctor visits, as well as hospital treatments are needed. NP’s play a vital role in being able to provide support to these patients when personal physicians are unable to attend to their needs.  As NP’s are able to fully evaluate patients, diagnose illnesses, and write prescriptions, they are able to adeptly provide services only a physician could provide before.  In fact, 60% of Nurse Practitioners are able to provide services to three or more patients per hour! Working an eight hour shift, that adds up to twenty-four patients in one day.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, which was placed into effect in 2010 by President Obama, substantially changed health insurance reforms by intending to improve health care access, affordability, and quality of services.  In the 6 years that have passed since that momentous occasion, more than 2 million Americans have been added to health insurance policies.  This in turn, led to a higher demand for health care throughout the nation.  Considering once again the shortage of Primary Care Physicians,  the necessity of developing additional health care providers has grown tremendously – enter the Nurse Practitioners.  Understandably, there has been much debate on the role that NP’s should hold when it comes to practicing.  Various governing agencies have recommended that NP’s should hold much of the responsibilities as that of physicians, in order to meet the growing needs of constituents.  The American Association of Nurse Practitioners states that 2 out of 3 patients support legislation for greater access to services by NP’s.

Nevertheless, such a great demand for quality health care leaders has set forth a series of events that has increased the role and need of Nurse Practitioners now, and in the foreseeable future.

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