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Doctor Loan Direct - Direct access to lenders who specialize in working with physicians.

Why use a doctor loan?

  • Only available to MDs DOs DDSs DPMs and DMDs – and those soon to be.
  • 100% Financing – No Money Down – We know you are finishing school and probably have not saved enough for a large down payment.
  • No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) means lower monthly payments for you and saves you thousands of dollars.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Student Loans treated in a special manner – Making it much easier for you to qualify. Are you aware that standard loan guidelines including Fannie Mae must still count student loans payments even if the loan is deferred?
  • Close on your home up to 60 days before beginning residency – Most companies require either prior work experience or to already be on your job. We make it easy for you to move into your new home right after graduation. No need for a pay stub.
  • Up to 3% Seller contributions are allowed – meaning you can structure your purchase so that the seller pays ALL your closing costs. Come to closing with $0.
  • Flexible Terms – Adjustable Rate Mortgages (3-Year ARM; 5-Year ARM; 7-Year ARM; 10-Year ARM; or 15-Year ARM)
  • Great rates, honest advice and lenders who specialize in working with physicians.

Get started today with a pre-qualification from a lender who works around your demanding schedule.