Finances for Life, LLC

Lucille M. Shaw


Chicago, IL


Finances for Life, LLC is a fee-only financial planning and wealth advisory firm founded with you in mind, our only focus is YOU. We are independently own and provide unbiased comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to San Diego and North County Coastal families, medical professionals, business owners and retirees. We are located in Carlsbad, CA.

We offer the following advisory services:

♦ Investment Advisory Services
♦ Comprehensive Financial Planning
♦ CFO and Business Consulting to small business

We consider five critical areas of financial planning, taking into consideration your family traditions, values, life lessons, and wishes.

  •     Protection - working to ensure your plan is in position for the unexpected.
  •     Estate Planning - seeing that your plan will carry out your wishes.
  •     Retirement Income Planning - strategize for adequate retirement income.
  •     Taxes - help maximize what you earn by minimizing what you owe.
  •     Investments - focusing on the growth and management of your portfolio.

  • Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives and help you execute a sound financial program utilizing products and services that best meet your objectives.

    Often, individuals or family would come to us with a specific concern in one of these areas, like investments, however, because there are many moving pieces that can impact the whole financial life of a person, not just their investments, we prefer to do comprehensive analysis and planning to ensure we are not solving one area and jeopardizing another.