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Providing Fee-Only Wealth Management Services for 28 Years

5 Great Valley ParkwayNAPFA
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Malvern, PA  19355

Please Note: we are seeking a selective number of new clients with investable assets
of $1 Million or more.

Firm Overview

Financial Freedom, LLC has been providing Fee-Only Wealth Management Services since 1983.

We focus on providing two critical services:  Comprehensive Financial Planning and Asset Allocation, Portfolio Diversification and Investment Management.  Our primary objective is to help our clients achieve their life goals and objectives.  Our Investment Management services utilize a strategic combination of stocks, bonds, no load mutual funds and exchange traded funds.  Client assets are custodied at Fidelity Investments (Boston, MA).

Our business strategy is to maintain a small firm focused on developing in-depth personal relationships with a small number of client families versus a cursory relationship with hundreds of clients.  The Osgoods are the firm; they do the analysis and investing; they meet with you wherever you live; you won’t be turned over to someone else once you become a client.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Financial planning is a lot more than just managing a portfolio.  In addition to managing portfolios, we provide a comprehensive financial planning approach which includes both initial and on-going analysis in the critical areas of: retirement planning and retirement income planning, risk management and insurances, cash flow and taxes, estate planning, college funding for children and grandchildren, charitable and family gifting strategies, and executive compensation and benefits (i.e. stock options, restricted share units, deferred compensation, etc).

In the area of retirement planning and retirement income planning, we focus special attention on the critical questions of:

•    Do we have sufficient assets to support our desired retirement lifestyle?
•    Will we outlive our retirement funds?
•    How best do we manage income flows during retirement?

Our Fee Approach

Unlike many planners, we are Fee-Only Financial Planners.  Fee-only planners are compensated solely on the basis of fees paid by their clients and do not accept any commissions or compensation from any other sources.

Most investment managers charge fees based on a % of assets.  We utilize a fixed rate retainer approach in establishing fees.  Our retainer fees include a complete Wealth Management package which integrates both Comprehensive Financial Planning & Investment Management.

Two Very Important Arrows In Our Quiver

We will integrate the "Softer Side" of Financial Planning (your emotions, life dreams and future visions) with the mechanical (financial projections) required to help you achieve your life goals and objectives.

For many clients, it isn’t necessarily only about accumulating the most money; it’s about being comfortable and financially secure; knowing that you and your family are not going to run out of money.

Annual Performance Evaluation

Each year we provide our clients with a Wealth Management Services evaluation package.  We recap all of the Comprehensive Financial Planning activities that we have performed and we compare each client's portfolio results (after retainer fees) to relevant industry benchmarks.  We think that it is important that each client is able to evaluate the overall value that our retainer relationship adds to the achievement of their life goals and objectives.

Team Osgood

Al Osgood, CFP®, M.B.A. – Chairman and FounderAl Osgood

•    CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (since 1983)
•    M.B.A. degree (Marketing & Finance)
•    28+ years of comprehensive financial planning, asset allocation, and investment management experience
•    Member Financial Planning Association
•    Member National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (Fee-Only) - NAPFA
•    Registered Investment Advisor (SEC)
•   Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker. Substantial personal experience with the acquisition, operation and sale of single and multi-family residential real estate properties
•    20+ years of marketing and business experience as a management executive with a Fortune 50 company

Al Osgood, Jr., CFP® - PresidentAl Osgood

•    B.S.B.A. degree with concentration in Finance
•    17 years of part/full time comprehensive financial planning, asset allocation, and investment management experience
•    Member, Financial Planning Association
•    Registered Investment Advisor (SEC)
•    15 years of finance and accounting experience as a management executive with Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 50 global company
•    Significant experience with the acquisition and divestiture of various sized businesses. This includes a knowledge base of both financial modeling and having the ability to integrate acquisition and divestiture strategies into the development of comprehensive financial planning and wealth management strategies.
•    Significant experience with the ownership, operation and financial modeling of multi-family residential rental units
Feel free to contact us for an initial no obligation consultation.  We are also happy to provide references and have you talk with current clients at the appropriate point in the selection process.
Please be aware that Financial Freedom, LLC has a portfolio minimum of $1,000,000 to accept inquiries through this directory.