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Who is HMS & Associates Insurance Group?
HMS Insurance Group through MD Preferred is an insurance, benefits and retirement advisory firm with consultants spread across the country. We specialize in securing the retirements and financial stability of MDs, Fellows and Student Doc’s. We secure through the use of strategic life insurance planning, and utilization of state of the art insurance technology.

Our Team
HMS Insurance Group has assembled a team of top trained Retirement Planning, Living Benefits, and coverage experts in the United States. Some of our advisors have over 35 years of experience in serving the Life Insurance Retirement Planning and Living Benefits Market.

Our experts are trained to help Doctors receive superior life insurance coverage with Living Benefits, and use Cash Value Life Insurance to crush the 401(k) and all Market competition in retirement planning by up to 300%. We are trained in every facet of the Cash Value and Living Benefits Insurance market in order to create a tax free income retirement, and estate for your heirs.

Screen Share Appointments
We will not disrupt your day because we do not have to come to your practice. We have a unique method of getting you the information you require via screen share in a short session on your computer. We also record the session and send it to you for review with your CPA, business manager etc.

Dedicated to the Medical Profession
  • Your practice and personal life can be advanced in multiple ways with the help of an HMS Insurance Advisor.
  • One major way we have found to help you as a Medical Professional is create a program that protects your family in the case of premature death, or Chronic Critical or Terminal Illness to replace your salary.We do not sacrifice quality either, our plans also accumulate enormous cash value that you can access tax free and will last to 100 years old. It is important to remember that if you do not survive, your family is financially secure. Please watch this short video.

Helping your Medical Practice
We can implement Key Person Insurance, Buy – Sell Agreements, and Business Continuation Plans that pay a LIVING BENEFIT, which pays off if the Doctor or Key Person gets sick and has to leave work. There are many situations that will take a person out of a Practice, leaving the Practice hanging, in which the insured doesn’t die. We plan for that contingency by giving the Doctor or Key Personnel a Living Benefit, up to 90% of the death benefit. This means, if the Doc gets Critically, Chronically or Terminally ill, becomes injured and can’t work, the policy owner could receive a check for up to 90% of the death benefit. Up front.

​How We Help a Doctor’s Family
  • We offer families superior retirement planning and insurance protection, many times all in the same product.
  • We can offer solid, long term gains in retirement with no risk to principal.
  • No Cap on Market Indexed Gains, with No Risk to Principal
  • Living Benefits in the case of illness or injury of up to 90% of the death benefit
  • Family Needs Analysis for Insurance Coverage
  • Low Cost/High Quality Health Coverage
  • 300% More Income at Retirement than a 401(k) or IRA Plan
  • Tax Free Income at Retirement
  • Tax Free Asset Creation to Heirs
  • Leave a Financial Legacy
  • Take a moment to watch video.