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T. Taylor Payne


Evansville, Indiana


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Empowering Clients to lead their Best Life and leave a Powerful Legacy

Payne Wealth Partners

Payne Wealth Partners exists to help high-net-worth clients lead their best lives and leave powerful legacies. Our holistic, personalized approach is specifically designed to fulfill the unique needs of families and individuals who have well achieved financial security and appreciate the value of having trusted advisers who understand multi-generational wealth. 

Our qualified team provides comprehensive wealth management with an independent perspective designed to help you make the greatest impact possible with your wealth, now and in the future. We form ongoing partnerships that focus on much more than investment opportunities to help you achieve your unique financial goals through complete financial planning.

It’s also important to understand that Payne Wealth Partners advisers are true advisers, not product sales representatives. As an independent, fee-only firm based in Evansville, Indiana we are committed to financial transparency — there are no hidden costs or agendas. Our fiduciary standard requires us to put your best interests first.

Keystone Financial Consulting

Payne Wealth Partners created Keystone Financial Consulting to provide comprehensive financial life planning for a very specific group – successful families and individuals who want to proactively seek informed choices to live their best lives.

We have a dedicated, highly-credentialed team of professionals and have customized our processes to specifically address the needs of Keystone families and individuals. Keystone’s financial life planning is carefully tailored to deliver value and wealth management to people who want to take advantage of opportunities that financial life planning can present. 

Our first step is to develop a deep understanding of what matters most to you. Then in partnership with you, we customize your financial life planning to help you proactively grow and prosper to achieve your vision of the best life possible for you and your family. Keystone is committed to the holistic, personalized approach and core values that formed the foundation of Payne Wealth Partners. Our fee-only structure and fiduciary standard mean that we are advisers, not commission-based sales representatives, and we are committed to putting your best interests first.