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Fee-Only Fiduciary

Fee-only refers to how financial advisors get compensated. It means that all of our compensation is received directly from our clients, and that none of our compensation is received from product sales, commissions, or kickbacks from financial companies.

That give us the freedom to invest in a way that we believe will be most beneficial to our clients. Our compensation is normally based upon a percentage of assets under management or project-based fees for non-investment related advice.

In many cases our fees are less than the “hidden costs” incurred when buying financial products that do not charge investors directly. Many investors are surprised to learn how much they are actually paying in fees and commissions when we break it down for them. At Schultz Financial, we fully disclose our fees. We never have a hidden agenda and we never forget that we work for you.

As a registered investment advisory firm, Schultz Financial is a fiduciary and legally required to act in our client’s best interest which includes full disclosure of compensation and any potential conflicts of interest. However financial advisors that are representatives of banks, insurance companies, and broker-dealers may not be held to a fiduciary standard. For example registered representatives of brokerage firms are only held to suitability standard, which merely states that they must believe that their recommended investments are suitable for a particular investor.

Independent Advantage
As an independent registered investment advisory firm we have access to multiple investment custodians and brokerages, enabling us to be more cost effective and more flexible in the investment solutions we can bring to our clients. Since we are not limited in the investment vehicles or securities that we can use in our client portfolios, we are able to offer more creative investment strategies than agents or registered representatives of broker dealers, banks, or insurance companies.

Our Services

Schultz Financial Management Corporation provides wealth management and portfolio management services to individuals and families.

1.    Wealth Management – Integrates comprehensive financial planning with portfolio management for high net worth individuals and families. We will prepare a comprehensive financial plan that most effectively integrates all aspects of your financial health including estate planning, tax planning, cash flow, investment management, insurance, and more. We will then work with you to carry out your financial plan with the assistance of other professionals such as accountants, estate planning attorneys, insurance specialists, and other professionals.

2.    Portfolio Management – Specializing in active portfolio management, we serve investors seeking attractive investment returns with less risk than what can ordinarily be achieved through traditional methods of diversification with stocks and bonds. Performing in-house money management, we believe that the key to successful investing is to follow a disciplined investment approach that will hold up in all market conditions. Utilizing a disciplined investment process we strive to capture most of the returns available in financial markets during favorable conditions, but effectively mitigate risk during volatile market conditions in order to preserve gains.

We are committed to providing dependable and consistent investment performance for our clients. We place a high priority on tax efficiency and risk downside risk management in our clients’ portfolios. As your advisor, we will work with you to design and manage a portfolio for you that will provide excellent results without taking undue risk.

As true investment managers, we perform most of the actual money management in-house, rather than using mutual funds, exchange traded funds or third party wrap accounts, often save a layer of fees for our clients. You can view our brochure narrative which provides a detailed description of our services and corresponding fees in the Client Access section of our web site.