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Sierra Pacific Financial Advisors, LLC (SPFA) is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm located in the California Bay Area. Our firm specializes in corporate retirement planning, comprehensive financial planning, and personalized wealth management services. We offer objective solutions in line with your financial goals and life values. Based on our fee-only structure, we do not sell any products, nor split commissions with other professionals.

What We Do:

  • Develop objective financial plans for our clients by learning about their goals, unique circumstance, risk tolerance level, and how decisions impact heirs and other beneficiaries.
  • Implement and adjust financial solutions to match client's circumstances as their needs change.
  • Build, manage and protect client's wealth by following a systematic disciplined approach that reduces investing oversight caused by human emotion.
  • Design corporate retirement plan solutions that are suitable for each plan sponsors and individual employees.
  • Form a team of professionals, including estate attorney, trust administrator, accountant, and insurance agent, to ensure our clients receive a wide spectrum of services aligned with their life values.

  • Wealth Management

    Our Specialties:

    Financial Planning:  SPFA provides comprehensive and personalized fee-only financial planning to map a path to reach your individual goals and objectives.

    Investment Management:  We understand your assets represent many years of your hard work and savings. By following a systematic, disciplined approach, we help you build and protect your wealth. You benefit from prudent investment management services that save you time and significantly reduce investing oversights caused by human emotions.

    Wealth Management:  Wealth management includes the coordination of every aspect of your financial life and ongoing investment portfolio management. At SPFA, we recognize your complex financial situations and unique needs.

    Company Retirement Planning:  Our retirement solutions focus on helping small business owners and doctors navigate the complex arena of corporate retirement planning. As an independent financial advisory firm, we provide unbiased advice and have freedom to design retirement plans that are right for you.

    Our Clients:

  • IT Professionals and Corporate Executives With Stock Options/Restricted Stock Units (RSU)
  • Pre-and Post- Retirees
  • Medical Doctors and Small Business Owners
  • Families/Women In Life Transitions
  • Corporate Retirement Plan Sponsors
  • High-Net-Worth International Clients

  • Initial Consultation:

    Please visit for more information about services and solutions that we offer.  To schedule an initial consultation, please click the link below -