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MD Preferred Services is the nation’s busiest online resource for medical professionals. Thousands of physicians visit MD Preferred every month to review the personal profiles of community based business professionals. If you are an attorney, insurance agent, personal banker, accountant, financial planner, Realtor®, or mortgage lender who is looking to attract new physician clients you have come to the right place.  Leverage your marketing with the service icon that physicians look for when seeking “doctor friendly” professional services.   

Healthcare Focused Credential
All MD Preferred listed professionals receive complete marketing rights to the MD Preferred Medallion.  The MD Preferred credential separates our providers from the competition.  Physicians, practice managers and hospital administrators appreciate a recognizable icon that represents business specialists that are committed to providing a quality service experience for healthcare professionals.

Monthly Marketing Strategies
All MD Preferred listed professionals receive Marketing Insights, a monthly report which explores communication strategies developed and successfully employed in the field by MD Preferred professionals.  It focuses on concrete steps that you can take to leverage your marketing out-reach to physicians through the use of your MD Preferred credential.  Our monthly reports make MD Preferred far more than just an online database.

Annual Physician Compensation Survey
All MD Preferred listed professionals receive our annual physician compensation survey which is highly valued by practice managers, senior physician partners and hospital administrators.  MD Preferred listed professionals can distribute the survey results to gain access to healthcare decision makers.

Access to Social Media Groups & Medical Blog
All MD Preferred listed professionals are encouraged to contribute to our social medial groups, medical blog and monthly E-magazine, The Advisor.

Optimized business profile focusing on healthcare credentials
Our IT pros can enhance your Internet footprint by designing, optimizing and hosting a compliance friendly, custom online business profile that showcases your healthcare credentials and speaks directly to physicians; all for a fraction of the cost of re-engineering your own website or building a new one.  It can be as sophisticated as you wish supporting pictures, banners, video and more.

If you are serious about separating yourself from the competition, leveraging your marketing budget and speaking directly to the established physicians in your community as well as those who may be relocating, now is the time to act.  In addition to your online profile, you will receive complete marketing rights to the MD Preferred Service medallion, our Marketing Insights reports, our 2015 physician compensation report and access to our daily blog, and social media groups.