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Healthcare Associates of St. Petersburg Florida LLC
Recruiter of Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Managers/Directors/Executives, Hospital Managers/Directors/Executives, Medical Practice Professionals, Other Healthcare/Medical Executives/Professionals

Healthcare Associates of St. Petersburg Florida LLC (Healthcare Associates) specializes in assisting virtually every type of physician, allied and healthcare provider to locate the right opportunity for them. Healthcare Associates utilizes several means to determine the right opportunity for the provider.

First, we thoroughly review each provider Curriculum Vitae or Professional Resume in order to understand the provider’s training and education, clinical experience, academic experience, certifications and licensures and other background information. This is compared to a baseline of specific career opportunities that we have available either directly (i.e. can be viewed on our website) or indirectly – thorough our membership in NCHCR.

Second, and most important, we engage in a conversation and email exchange with each provider to discuss the specifics of what factors or criteria constitute for him or her “the right opportunity” –for example, practice structure, partnership opportunity, hospital employment preference, outpatient only, vertical mobility, management level, location, compensation, benefits, community size and features, relocation assistance, and so forth.

Once we have a good idea of what is important to the provider, we are in a good position to locate one or more career opportunities/positions, out of all the available career opportunities, that are most likely to be a good fit. We will send to the provider for each position the Job Description and Community information.

Healthcare Associates will then work with the provider to determine which position(s) s/he wishes to apply for and then assist with the application process.